2 reasons why you absolutely, positively, need to use an online wedding planner


That’s right, an online wedding planner

Can you believe I’m suggesting it? Most of you know I am a wedding photographer and have been for many years. I also have helped plan dozens of weddings and it’s something I consider myself to be an expert in. Why would I suggest then, that you need an online wedding plannerinstead of say…. booking me? Keep reading and I’ll fill you in.

Not everyone needs someone to personally micromanage every detail of their wedding day

love in letters at a weddingThere. I said it. It’s what every wedding planner has thought since they got into the business. Their are clients who absolutely desperately need a wedding planner because if they didn’t have they may end up with a ball of yarn as a centre piece instead of the amazing decor they were hoping for. With that being said, there are some people who would do more harm than good if they hired a wedding planner. I’ve photographed weddings that were absolutely stunning and 100% designed and organised by the bride, her friends and family.

Everyone could use a little help from their friends

Online communities are growing. Fast. Online wedding planning is traditionally a lot less expensive than hiring a personal assistant, but there is still nothing saying you can’t do both.

Bottom line: you know yourself the best. Only you can decide whether or not you need a de-facto wedding planner, or if an online planning service will be more than enough.


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