3 Reasons Getting Married in Las Vegas is Going to Save You Money

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Well, except your marriage certificate of course! More and more people are heading to the city of lights than ever before to get married. For some, it’s the luster of the lights, others it’s more practical. Whatever your reason, keep these three things in mind and you will have the time of your life!

1) Save Your Money; Seriously!

Weddings can be expensive. Getting married in Vegas is very reasonable.candles When I am assisting in the planning process for so many couples the budget is often one of the main concerns. It’s understandable with some substantial costs involved in the wedding, such as the venue and catering. A lot of these costs can be avoided completely if you decide to get married in Las Vegas. It’s easy on your wallet and you can save that money for an amazing honeymoon!

2) Complete Control Over Your Guests

Full disclosure: I’ve been married for 5 years and I’m a wedding planner. What you are about to hear may shock some of you: We Don’t Want All The Guests We Invited. Some Of Them Are A Formality.  OK, there it is. The white elephant in the wedding planning room. We don’t want distant relatives to feel slighted. We don’t want a coworker to think we don’t like them. We invite a lot of these people to make them happy, not to make us happy. When you get married in Las Vegas it’s a total shotgun wedding. No one can be upset they didn’t get invited because no one really ‘got invited.’ This saves you money and lets you have only the most closest, special people in your life at your wedding.

3)Leave the Stress at Home.

I’ve dealt with so many amazing couples over the years. I get to know them all on a personal level and I’m still friend today with many of them. When I ask them about the planning process, and also looking back on my own wedding,

A good wedding chapel even offers wedding gowns for rent!
A good wedding chapel even offers wedding gowns for rent!

it’s no surprise their number one issue was stress and pressure to deliver.

Wedding planning is a hard thing to do. There are so many different vendors and ideas to consider and no one really has the 100% right answer. People often don’t even consider a wedding photographer until they become engaged, now they have to choose one to document their day? I understand where the stress comes from and as a wedding planner it’s my job to help alleviate some of that stress. Still, you can never totally eliminate it. A Vegas wedding takes the stress away completely. There are no booking deadlines, no cancellations, no vendors to be upset at. It’s easy.

This Wedding Chapel is a Must See!

A Little White Wedding Chapel’s Tunnel of Love. If I got married in Vegas this is where I would have gone. Such an awesome idea and they have been around forever. I know some people who got married here and they told me it was totally awesome, super easy and a lot of fun.


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