3 reasons why custom wedding loafers are going to make your wedding amazing

You deserve custom wedding loafers

You’re thinking about fashion and how you can really make a statement at your wedding. Custom wedding loafers are the perfect way to show all of your guests – and your soon to be wife – that just because you’re almost married doesn’t mean you don’t have style and class.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. On your wedding day you’ll need both.

Let’s face it – on your wedding day all eyes are going to be on you and your bride. You two are going to be the center of attention and you’ve paid top dollar for a professional wedding photographer to capture it all. You want to make sure you look your sharpest and that your children will look at your wedding album years from now and be amazed at the style you had. Here’s why you are going to need custom wedding loafers on your wedding day.

1. Looks matter.

I just said that all eyes are going to be on you and your bride. That was a bit of a stretch of the truth. The reality is most people are going to be looking at her. That’s ok though. It’s your job to look great next to her. As a wedding photographer I love seeing a groom that goes out of his way to look really great. It’s easy to see the ones that want to look great, they have a few things in common: Accessories, a nice belt, and of course really great shoes.

2. A wedding is a really, really long event. Don’t get sore feet.

If you think about your wedding day you probably have a schedule already planned out for it. Have you considered how long you are going to be on your feet for? More than a few hours at least. This is why it’s so important to have comfortable, custom loafers. Custom loafers are made specifically for your feet and you are going to be able to stand up all day – and all night!

3. Start a new chapter of your life looking and feeling great.

There is no better feeling than looking and feeling great. Usually the two are mutually exclusive, when you find a product that is effortlessly able to combine those two characteristics you need to grab on and never let go.

Always go directly to the source

Smyth & Digby make really great custom wedding loafers.  They operate exclusively online so they are able to keep their costs low and pass on those savings to you. The turn around on a custom pair of loafers is only about 6 weeks! As a wedding photographer I can’t even begin to describe how fast that is. Consider this: It takes me a minimum of 8 weeks to deliver a wedding album. Check out their website and let me know what you think; I’ve had many grooms buy their wedding loafers via their website and every one of them has had a really great experience – and they looked fantastic on their wedding day!

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