4 fantastic ways to show how much you appreciate your wedding party

The wedding party

The unsung heroes of your wedding day.  The best man is there through all the ups and downs of wedding planning. When the bride is ready to call the whole thing off because of the stress involved in planning, the best man is there to chat about why it’s such an important day to celebrate. He grounds the couple. The maid of honour; always doing things behind the scenes. Coordinating boutonnieres and helping pick colours. Telling the bride what does and doesn’t look good on her (despite how much she might not want to hear it.

These are our closest friends. The best people we know.

It’s true. Picking your groomsmen or bridesmaids is one of those times in your life when you get to consider those who are closest to you. Those you’ve spent countless days with and those who have seen every great thing you’ve ever done and who were by your side through every difficult time. They stuck by you through all of it and now they are going to stand next to you when you take your vows of marriage. Check out these ways to best appreciate these awesome humans:

1) Don’t let them feel forgotten! Make it personal.

As a wedding photographer I’ve seen many, many, different types of wedding gifts. I’m often there for the exchange and I love capturing the reactions of the groomsmen and bridesmaids when they see just how great their gifts are. It’s always fund to take photos of personalized gifts. I usually see engraved products and they seem to really pop the most during photos.

2) Make sure the gift is timeless. Don’t end up with a fad.

custom irish harp pewter cup
A beautiful custom cup will last a lifetime!

It’s important to make sure the gift you purchase for them will be timeless. You really don’t want to get a gift for them that is going to fade away after a few years and be forgotten. This is why we see so many watches, flasks and jewelry typically as gifts. It’s timeless. I cringe when I see a gift that screams trend: last year someone gave their groomsmen sweaters with ‘YoLo’ printed on them. Ouch. I really dig these custom crafted pewter cups for groomsmens gifts. This company handmakes them and sources the pewter from amazing sources. You’ve really got to check them out.

3) Spend as much as you can afford.

It’s tough because most likely your budget, and wallet, is already stretched thin from all the wedding planning and costs that go with it. You should do your best to make sure you’ve budgeted in the cost of gifts for your wedding party. Most likely they’ve shelled out a bunch of money for dresses, shoes, suits, accommodations and transportation. It’s a really great gesture when you show them with a beautiful gift that you really appreciate them.

4) Never get them an ‘uncle bob’ gift!

Ah uncle bob. He’s the guy at the wedding who no one really knows that well but he got the invite because he’s a relative, or a friend of a parent. He’s the guy who feels out of place and doesn’t really know anyone other than one or two people. Uncle bob never gives a great wedding gift. Most of the time, he leaves cash in an envelope or if he is feeling really adventurous he will leave a gift card. It is ok for uncle bob to leave a gift like this, in fact, I encourage it. It would be almost arrogant for uncle bob to leave anything else – he hardly knows the couple. If he were to get them a kitchen appliance or a piece of art it would imply he either knew their taste or was pushing his own on them. Not cool bob. You can’t get your wedding party an uncle bob gift. Way too impersonal. You’ve known these people most of your life. Don’t be an uncle bob.


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