Wedding Photographer in Singapore

It’s time to talk about photographers

Such an important part of the day. If you pick the wrong photographer, I guarantee you are going to remember it in 20 years. It’s not like the cake, or the catering or the decorations. If you pick the wrong photographer and you aren’t satisfied with your photos it’s going to remind you of that every time you look at your wedding photos.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in

From Toronto to Singapore, Halifax to Havanna, you need to make sure you click. I put so much emphasis on ‘clicking’ as personalities are meant to. If you don’t get along like old time best friends it’s going to show up in the photos. Please, find someone you get along with.

Focus on the big day, let the professional take care of everything else

A professional isn’t going to be tripping over herself, or interrupting you during a private moment. A professional knows when to act and when to react. They know when it’s time to intervene with a suggested pose and when to sit back and capture the magical moment unfold. If you are in Singapore looking for a wedding photographer, you have to check out, she’s the best in the area!

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