5 Reasons You Need a Photobooth at Your Wedding:

You Need To Make Your Wedding Pop!

So you want your wedding to be memorable? You want your guests to leave saying to themselves, “that wedding was more exciting than extra icing on a cake!” Well, you could sit back and hope that the wedding fairies are going to fly into town and do everything for you, or you could add that special karate chop to your wedding and look into a photo booth!

5 Reasons You Need a Photobooth at your Wedding:


1: Photobooths Engage your Guests!

So we’ve done a lot of weddings. When we aren’t working on stationary we are either planning them, decorating them or even attending them (when we aren’t working them!) Nothing gets your guests engaged like a photobooth! It’s the perfect place for your guests to sneak away from the excitement of the reception and be a little silly behind a curtain. Often these are some of the greatest guest photos from your wedding day. If you are in Toronto you must check out: PhotoboothTO┬áThese people are absolute professionals and they will make your photobooth experience last a life time.

2: Silly Pictures for Everyone!

That’s right! Silly photos keep your guests smiling and give you a memory to last a lifetime. When a photobooth is done right attracts your guests and keeps them laughing all night!

3: Keep Your Guests Happy

wedding photobooth
photobooths are the life of the party! Just ask her!

We want our guests to enjoy the experience of the wedding. Apart from being there to share in our love of each other, it’s important we give back to our guests. A photobooth allows us to do that. It shows our guests we want them to be able to take something tangible away from the day. It’s a great way to thank everyone for coming!

4: It’s Great for Guests of All Ages

Seriously, who hasn’t thought of this when planning a wedding. I always believed that kids make a wedding. That may be true but it’s the adults who keep it going! A photobooth is great if you are 5, or 55, or 95. I’ve been to weddings where I have witnessed 3 generations of family crowding around a photobooth. It was an awesome experience for them and the pictures were incredible!

5: PhotoboothTO.com is Ready

I have to include these people in my list. The market can be saturated with amateurs, people who ‘do photobooths on the weekend.’ These people are professionals. They have a wide range of themes and will ┬ámake sure your photobooth is the shining star of your wedding day. With packages that include high resolution images on a USB stick, and much much more you should definitely check them out!





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