You Need an Antique Engagement Ring!

A proposal is the most romantic thing someone can do. We go to great lengths to make sure our proposals are perfect, if you want to go the extra distance and make it really special, you should consider an antique engagement ring.

Best Engagement Idea Ever!

An antique wedding ring says so much. As all things old, these are crafted with love and made to last. The intricate beauty and detail you can find in a ring shows just how much you care. If you are looking for some ideas that you won’t find in your everyday jewelry store Antique Rings Online has some fantastic options.

Not Just a Diamond Ring

With options incorporating every precious gem you are not limited to the traditional diamond. Go with a birthstone, the month of the stone you were engaged, your wedding colours; the options are endless!

A Ring to Last the Ages

An instant family heirloom, these rings last forever; just like your love. Antiques also photograph very beautifully making your wedding photos pop. I’ve worked many weddings where the photographer was ecstatic when they saw the antique wedding rings!

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