A Dallas, Texas Event Planning Service That Will Leave You Speechless


Event planning is like being a conductor in an orchestra

I remember when I first got into wedding photography I took part in many weddings that didn’t utilize wedding or event planners. Things often seemed unorganized and there was always confusion between the bride, groom, vendors and everyone’s expectations. It’s difficult to try and organize a wedding, there is a good reason people make a career out of it. It takes a very particular skill set to be able to manage so many different facets of an event and still pull everything off smoothly. Let me tell you about an event planner that no one even knew saved the day.

The cake was about to fall over…

This much I knew. I was taking the shots of the reception venue before the grand entrance. I always liked to get a few cake shots before the crowds started to show up. It gives me a few more minutes to myself and I can really execute on the shots I want. I first noticed the cake leaning as I approached from the front. It seemed like it might be on the verge of toppling over but I really didn’t want to start a panic with the brides family. I knew the event planner so I told her what was going on. Within minutes she had the catering vendors carefully supporting the cake without destroying it so that a baker who worked at the venue could arrive and fix it. This was amazing to watch because the whole process took place in less than 8 minutes. The bridal party soon arrived and no one even knew how close the cake was to taking a tumble.

Great event planners are hard to find.

Whenever I shoot a wedding near Dallas, Texas, I make sure that I ask which event planner has been hired. Usually it is Paperie & Co, they’ve been the experts on the scene for the last thirty years. If the couple hasn’t hired a planner or is thinking about trying to do it themselves I tell them just how important it is to get a great planner. Usually after I tell the cake toppling story they have decided that they would rather leave the planning of the biggest day of their lives to the professionals! If you are looking for a wedding or event planner in the Dallas, Texas area you need to check out Paperie & Co, seriously; let the professionals handle it.

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