A Few Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Few things are more important than your wedding photographs. We spend so much time planning and preparing that it only makes sense we care the most about the photos. When the wedding day has come and gone they are all that remain. Here are 3 questions you need to ask your photographer before you book them.

How many weddings have you shot?
This. It’s easy for an amateur to cherry pick a few great photos they have taken and make it look as if they have been shooting weddings for years. The truth is, as any professional will tell you, weddings are fickle and not every wedding is as gorgeous as what you see on a highlight reel. A professional is consistent. You can look through any wedding they have shot and you will see quality photographs in each one. An amateur? Not likely.

How long for delivery?

This is one we see overlooked so often. Couples often don’t consider it, or presume that their photos will be delivered within a reasonable amount of time. I’ve spoken with clients months after a wedding and they are still awaiting their photos. It’s important to get in in writing when you sign the contract. Don’t be left standing in the rain.

How do they communicate?
Did they write you back as soon as you inquired? Do they return your phone calls? Are they willing to meet multiple times to ease any questions you might have? Photographers are artists, no question. They are creative people and inspiring and sometimes unorganized. Not all the time, but sometimes. There is no excuse and a true professional will maintain communication constantly.

Keep this in mind when you are booking your photographer. While you are at it you should really check out IJ Photography Philanthropy. They do really amazing work and I’ve been following their stuff for years.

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