3 Reasons I Adore Australia for Honeymoons

I Adore Australia

I really do Adore Australia. I’ve been there many times and I’ve experienced some of my favourite weddings to photograph there. It’s always been a great time. Here are 3 reasons why I always tell clients “Go to Australia for your Honeymoon!”

1: Go for the heat!

Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada has me a little biased towards experiencing the negative side of cold winters. Although I do love a good snowy photoshoot I really need to get away at least once a year. Many North Americans are in the same boat as I am when it comes to cold winters. If you get married in the Summer or Fall here, book your honeymoon for our winter and you’ll get a second summer in Australia! You are also going to Adore Australia!

2: Stay for the beaches!

Some of the worlds best beaches can be found in Australia. Imagine sitting back soaking up some sun and thinking about all your co-workers back home stuck in an office and having to face the frigid winter outside! You’ll love it!

3: Explore!

There is so much to see and do in Australia, more than I could ever fit into one blog post. No matter what your tastes (adventure, spa’s, sightseeing) there is something in Australia definitely for you. So book a flight, hit the road and experience the best honeymoon ever!

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