3 Reasons Adventurous Couples Will Love to See This

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And pretty much anything that involves a ton of adrenaline. This is what we live for. Do you remember being young and riding a bicycle for the first time? I remember the moment my father let go of the back seat and I heard him shout, “You’re doing it on your own now!” I think it has been since that day I’ve been addicted to things that give me a rush. As a wedding photographer I do get to travel a lot, sometimes, I meet a really adventurous couple; this is what I’ve learned:

1: Adventure helps us love

It’s true, when we experience a rush of adrenaline our bodies respond with a release of a ton of endorphin’s. These are the good feelings we get after we just finish something awesome (think dopamine, serotonin, etc) When we are doing these things with someone we are in love with it makes us feel even more in love than we already are! So who wouldn’t want to incorporate this into their relationship?

2: It gives us confidence

Adventure makes us feel good about ourselves. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our day to day lives we forget how much we really love to scare ourselves. It’s an important part of living and it’s going to make you feel unstoppable. Your confidence won’t be ignored and you’re new found self-esteem will only strengthen your relationship

3. It will get/keep you in shape

Uh, yeah… This one is kind of a no brainer.  We all want to be in the best shape we can be so when doing something we love only helps us get and stay in wicked awesome shape, that’s a good thing, no?

Outdoor adventure should be part of everyone’s life. I’m not saying you have to go bungee jumping tomorrow (although that’s not a terrible idea) but you should at least consider stepping outside of your comfort zone. Check out Apocalypse Outdoor for all of your adventure needs. They’ve got everything you need – no matter if your a seasoned veteran or a weekend warrior.

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