Pangea196, It’s What You Should Be Doing in 2017

Pangea196 and why you need to know about it

Married life is amazing. I love it. You get to spend all of your free time with the one person on the planet you love the most. Often the best part about spending time with that person is how you spend the time together. Pangea196 is all about adventure & earning a living. Imagine travelling to 12 different countries with your new husband or wife while you worked remotely. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

How working remotely is changing marriages

Working remotely is not just for computer programmers anymore. It used to be reserved for those in the tech industry. While that still rings true, there is a growing market for remote workers in many different fields. Everything from graphic design to content writing. It makes sense for the employer: if they can pay the same amount but get more productivity isn’t that better for the company? Does it really matter if you have an employee punching the clock from 9-5? Studies have proven that remote workers produce better more comprehensive work. You should look into it.

Apply to Join Pangea196

You should apply to join Pangea196. You can work and travel and it will actually cost less than if you did it from home. Check it out!

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