This is what I tell every bride before they get married in Cuba

Make sure you don’t go without this advice

You are going to find many different photographers hoping to take your photos in Cuba. You have to make sure you get someone who has taken photos in Cuba before and even better if they have photographed a wedding there. So what makes someone who has taken travel photos so important?

Most photographers do it only for the money

Someone who keeps a travel blogĀ is someone who really loves the art of photography. It takes a true artist to capture a wedding in a way that you will remember forever. These type of people are not motivated by money, they are motivated to do exactly what they love. Ask yourself what type of person you would prefer to have capture your day in Cuba, or any other destination you would like to have for your wedding.

Don’t get stuck with someone who leaves you wanting more

Make sure you get someone who specializes in fine art photography. Remember; check to see if they have a travel blog and that way you can preview the type of photography they are known for. Bonus points if they have a few different destinations or countries that they have been to and photographed. I have been following this amazing travel photography website and I’m really impressed with what I’ve been seeing. I expect to see more great thingsĀ coming soon!


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