At last, the secret to remembering your wedding anniversary is revealed!

So now you are married. The planning is done, the cake has been cut and the guests have left. Quickly you fall into the glorious routine of married life. The days come and go and everyday you remember how beautiful your spouse is and why you fell in love with them.

Then you forget your own anniversary! It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. It’s almost happened to me (thankfully I was reminded in a not so subtle way from my mother-in-law, but that’s another story.)

The Secret? It’s simple:

Online reminders sent to you inbox. Why didn’t I think of that?! Here is my favourite site: My Wedding Anniversary

Talk about the consummate professionals. They have detailed lists of every wedding anniversary year, as well as some really amazing and thought provoking posts. wedding and engagement ringsHow many of us have gone running around the day before our wedding anniversary trying to figure out what gift to buy? Do I get the traditional one, or should I go with something more modern? Glass or stationary? With so many decisions to make take the trouble out of your anniversary and let the professionals lend a hand!

So I signed up, what now?

Well, you’ll get a nice reminder before the date you entered. That should be more than enough time for you to get out and do some shopping. If the malls are not your thing, well you can always order online! Just make sure to get the package gift wrapped so when they get the mail the surprise isn’t ruined!

I’m not crazy about traditional gifts. Is that cool?

Of course it is! My Wedding Anniversary doesn’t handcuff you to ordering a gift that contradicts who you are! It’s a free service that will remind you when your anniversary is, not what to buy for it. Of course they do have some amazing ideas: I was looking through some of the gift suggestions and for your 14th anniversary tradition would suggest ivory. Couple on wedding dayWell, if you aren’t into tradition why not line up an African safari and see some elephants? Romantic? Yes. Best anniversary ever? Heck yes.

OK, I got the gift, where should we go?

Again, totally up to you. What I love about My Wedding Anniversary is that they don’t just stop at notifications. They have some absolutely hilarious blog posts as well. I really liked the one “Top 5 Worst Places to take your Wife for your Wedding Anniversary” Now, I would never take my spouse to the local pub for dinner on our special day but I’m sure there are some people who would! Don’t!

I really love this service and it is definitely worth signing up. Your future self will thank you!

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