Questions About Buying Your Wedding Gown? You Need to See This!

It’s at the top of the list for all brides..

The purchase of their dream gown. You’ve spent your life thinking about it. Will it billow, or will it be tight fitting? Straps or no straps? What about the shoes, do bridal stores also sell shoes? Matching accessories? Should I book an appointment or just show up? Is three people too many to bring with me, or should I just go with my Maid of Honour? So many questions for such an important purchase, it can be overwhelming trying to sort through all of the online banter and try and find¬†what really matters.

The importance of a reputable, brick and mortar, bonafide bridal store.

I’ve worked with brides who went looking for a gown on the cheap. They thought they found an amazing deal online, they did their research by reading reviews, and they were set. They really thought this was a great option to save some money so they could spend more on some other vendors. If they saved a few hundred dollars on their dress maybe they could rent a harpist for their ceremony? Seems innocent enough, the motive is great, but did it work out? Heck No. Dress didn’t fit. Online shop was based in China. Customer service was nil. Local company couldn’t help them because the dress was so poorly made if they attempted any alterations it would have fallen apart. A nightmare that ended up wasting money instead of saving it.

This isn’t the place to cut corners.

There are vendors and other opportunities to cut corners when planning a wedding. Gown, venue and photographer are the holy trinity in my opinion. You do not ever cut corners on the budget of these 3 crucial pieces of your wedding day. If you are in Ontario I’m sure you have heard of Ballet’s Bridal. This is one of my favourite, most reccomended stores when I am dealing with any clients anywhere in North America. If the couple is from Ontario I basically take their hands and walk them to the front door. These people take care of you and get you a dress that will look beautiful and last forever. Check them out here:¬†

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