Barn Wedding Venues – 2017’s Hottest Trend

Barn Wedding Venues

It’s always nice to be on the ‘cutting edge’ when your wedding day arrives. We spend so much time thinking about our wedding and planning our wedding that sometime we forget to remember what we really want in our wedding. Barn Wedding Venues are becoming the most sought after venues in 2017, and it’s no wonder why: if you knew you could get comfortable, desirable and trend setting venue for you wedding that also featured air conditioning wouldn’t you go for it?

You won’t believe why so many brides are choosing a barn wedding venue!

Using a barn as a wedding venue isn’t a new idea. It’s been around for as long as, well, weddings

have. They fell out of grace during the modern wedding era (1980-present).

Credit: Stephanie Rhodes Photography
Credit: Stephanie Rhodes Photography

People began to associate barns with the poor/working class and they wanted to distance themselves from that. Over the last several years some forward thinking brides have seen the opportunity in using a barn as a venue and let me tell you, their weddings have been gorgeous!

It’s probably not what you think:

Barns come in all shapes and sizes. You might have one idea in your mind but unless you’ve spent time on many different farms you probably have no idea what they are actually like. Here are some different types of barns – guess which ones are the best for weddings!

  • Livestock – used for housing and feeding cattle, horses, and other livestock. Probably doesn’t smell the greatest!
  • Equipment storage – many barns have been converted to serve as a large garage for tractors, combines, and other farm equipment. Looks like a barn on the outside, looks like a garage inside.
  • Hay/alfalfa/feed storage – The big red barn with those gigantic red doors? That’s probably being used to store hay as well as feed. Usually a poured slab of concrete as a floor and wide open spaces useful for storing lots and lots of hay.

 Can you guess which one is most popular for weddings?

Easy right? When you choose a Barn Wedding Venue it’s most likely going to be a converted hay or feed storage barn. These provide wide open spaces for tables and a dance floor, and so many opportunities to exploit that beautiful rustic decor!

Weddings can be hot. Don’t sweat it:

A really high end venue is going to have air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your guests. Wedding barn venues are no exception, make sure you find one that has air conditioning, don’t get stuck uncomfortable and sweaty on your wedding day!

It’s about the property, too!

You want to find a place that has some really great grounds as well. A scenic location that has a pond always makes for great photographs. It’s nice to spend some time with your new husband or wife by taking a walk away from all of the guests and just enjoy some quiet. The added benefit of a barn wedding venue that has a beautiful, well manicured property is that it allows you to stay on site for photographs instead of having to travel to an additional location. This means more time for photos which means better photos! It’s also nice to spend some additional time with your guests instead of commuting!

Destin, Florida has some great venues

If you are getting married in or around Florida you must check out this venue. The Barn at Water Oaks Farm is just what you need to make the most out of your rustic styled wedding. It’s due to be completed in the fall of 2017 – it could be ready for your big day! You can find more information at

The Barn at Water Oaks Farm
4080 Second Ave.
Laurel Hill, FL 32567



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