Beach Wedding? 3 Ways to Maximize Fun in the Sun

Make the most of your beach wedding with these simple tips from a pro

I’ve worked in the wedding industry for over ten years now. As a photographer I just love it when I get to capture a beach wedding. Done properly a beach wedding can be everything you dream it to be: sunset ceremony, champagne with your toes in the sand and everyone happy to be there. Follow these simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your beach wedding.

1. Plan for the heat, hope for clouds

The biggest mistake you can make while planning your beach wedding is to not have enough shade cover for your guests and at the altar. Ideally you want something portable enough to go up in a hurry – if you have a little bit of cloud cover you might not need the umbrellas. What I don’t like to see is the bride and groom chance it and hope that the sun will not be too intense. I had been photographing a wedding in Florida, a beautiful venue directly on Treasure Island. I really appreciated how well the venue was prepared to face the hot Floridian sun. I’ve been to enough beach venues to see the result when not enough shade is available for your guests and it makes for a hot uncomfortable event that can’t be enjoyed as it is meant to be.

2. Offer Plenty of Cool Refreshments

After the ceremony you are going to want your guests to mingle and be comfortable. What could be amore beautiful experience for your guests than to sit back and enjoy a cool refreshment on the beach while talking about your amazing beach wedding. Offering cool drinks will also allow your guests to cool off if the sun had been particularly intense.

3. Plan your ceremony with the sunset

In Florida the sunset is around 8:30 pm in June and an hour earlier at 7:30 pm in September. Keep these times in mind when you are planning your sunset ceremony. It’s something simple to overlook and you might be tempted to time your ceremony when the sun is just dipping below the horizon. This can be a beautiful time for a first kiss but it does take a lot of people being committed to a very strict schedule. As a photographer I am more comfortable seeing an exchange of vows about 20 minutes before the sunset. When timed this way you can be certain you will get the most beautiful golden light for your beach ceremony and you won’t have to worry about missing out on the sunset because someone was late.

Beach weddings depend on the venue – get the best you can

Sunset Beach House is a fantastic beach wedding venue in Florida. Anywhere you find a beautiful beach you are going to find beach wedding venues. I love the Sunset Beach House because they just do weddings right. You know you are going to get superior service and a beautiful ceremony on the beach.

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