Lets have a chat about why you need a beautiful wedding gown

There are wedding gowns that stand alone

There are fashion designers who make such a beautiful line of dresses they are in their own class. They deserve their own discussion. They are often copied, imitated, but never replicated. It’s up to you to decide if you are worth the best. Weddings are often cited as the most exciting, important and memorable day of one’s life. How you spend the day will determine how and those around you remember it. You want to be remembered as beautiful and elegant. You need the perfect wedding dress.

How do I know what style is best for me?

It’s a question I hear all the time when meeting with nervous brides. Did you know that the first order of business for a bride, even before she picks the date or considers a venue is what kind of wedding dress to get? Your wedding revolves around the dress. It has to be perfect. There are a few styles to choose from, each worthy of it’s own discussion. Typically a few styles are popular each year with some becoming more popular than others. I remember 3 years ago every bride was wearing strapless. Well strapless is still beautiful and very much in, we are seeing a comeback in the vogue, high collar styles as well as the traditional V neck. Though this year, we are seeing some really beautiful deep V necks. Pulled off by a beautiful designer we can have some incredibly amazing wedding gowns.

Train or no train, should you get a dress with one?

This really depends on what kind of bride you are. Are you they type of bride that is going to be adventurer and up for whatever your photographer asks? Are you going to be willing to go running into a muddy field to get that shot you saw on pinterest. If so, you should consider getting a train. They add that added bit of elegance and really stand out for photos. On the other hand, if you are a little leery of getting dirty you should just go with an ankle length cut. The last thing you want to be doing is tripping over your train or worrying about every spot of wine that could end up on it. You know yourself best and you need to make sure you are happy on your wedding day.

There is only one wedding dress designer you need to know

Suzanne Harward creates the most stunning, elegant wedding dresses. Suzanne Harward wedding dresses leave your guests speechless and you looking your best on your wedding day. Whatever dress you end up choosing, do yourself a favour and get it from suzanneharward.com

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