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This particular article that caught my eye

Was about a camera drone. I mean this is something that is coming on the scene very quickly and you want to make sure you are at the front of it. I’ve seen and heard some horror stories when it comes to booking a drone operator for a wedding, everyone remembers that youtube video of the drone hitting the bride in the face as it attempted to sweep in for a panning shot. Get the right one. Drone photography and videography is getting big around the world. I’ve seen it locally and on destinations. The best footage I’ve seen happened to be in Jamaica and I was working with an incredibly talented wedding photographer there. Combined with the drone footage the beautiful couple got an amazingly beautiful package to remember their day!


Good reviews are hard to find, you could be left behind

That is the thing about the internet, you can never really be sure the information you are getting is authentic. That’s why you come to trusted sources like lovekissbloom


and get the low down on all the information you need. Like camera drones. Imagine getting stuck with a bad one because you didn’t get a good review. That’s why you need to go to these good review sites and be sure of what you are getting.

One more thing: be a good customer

This is one thing that always had me worrying about the clients I booked. Were they going to be unsatisfied no matter what I delivered? Would they leave a good review or would it be undeserving bad, or would they just disappeared after our business was done. Of course, I can’t influence someone to write a good review but you should consider leaving one if the business deserves it. It makes the internet a better place for us all. When it comes to getting the best camera drone for a wedding, get it from the best source;

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