Can You Save Money and Rock Your DIY Wedding?

DIY Weddings, or do it yourself weddings, have been making a huge splash in the wedding industry with the emergence of social sharing sites such as Pinterest. A lot of us who are a little more craft than others see a DIY wedding as a way to put a very personal spin on our weddings. DIY weddings seem to cost less, but do they really? Check out these ways to maximize your DIYness and make your wedding magazine worthy!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (yes, flowers!)

Flowers are hands down the best way to get some bang for your buck when you are in a DIY mood. There are so many different ways to source beautiful flowers (we love our local florist, and you should too!) Whether it’s your friend up the street with the beautiful flower garden, or the old shopkeeper who wants to get rid of some end of season stock, this is the best way to save cash!

You will love these custom decor ideas!

There are a ton of resources online for DIY wedding ideas. It can be tricky trying to wade through all of the murk and find the true gems.

ring on rope
this rope made the nautical theme so authentic!

We’ve done a lot of the leg work for you and came up with some pretty snazzy ideas for sure. Check out this beautifully tied rope on the right

for a nautical themed wedding, it just ‘tied’ everything together! (OK, that was a bit of a stretch!) Also, custom centerpieces really make the experience for your guests personal.




A personal touch with a chalkboard

So this wedding we did a few years ago the bridesmaids were the sisters of the bride and they surprised her with this chalkboard idea for the photos. It providedbridesmaid holding chalkboard everyone an opportunity to write a really unique message for the bride during the photos and you can be sure it made an impact! Little things like this go a long way and really cut down on the cost of those miscellaneous expenses.





The internet is your best friend;

Like I had said earlier, the internet really does help you out for ideas and inspirations. We’ve always loved they are full of some really great and unique ideas and they always have fresh content. Check them out and share with us some of the ideas you decided to use!


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