Got the right carry on sized luggage for your honeymoon?

Don’t get stuck at the terminal

I’ve seen it, I’ve been there. There is nothing worse than being at the gate ready to board for a vacation when the flight attendant tells you your carry on is oversized. You can either leave it behind or miss the flight. After a few expletives you make the decision to abandon your carry on luggage and vow to never fly this airline again. It sets a really bad tone for your vacation and it’s often difficult to recover. Not to mention most of the stuff in your carry-on you probably need.

Simple solution: Check your size before you leave

Check your carry-on size before you leave! I know, if it were this easy you wouldn’t be in the jam in the first place. You’ve got enough things to worry about other than checking to see if your designer bag fits the restrictions. Even if you were to try and find out airlines make it so hard to navigate their websites to find this information. If you do find the information, is it a domestic or international? It’s no wonder so many people just hope that there carry-on baggage is going to be allowed on the flight.

Here’s a resource that’s invaluable for the traveller is an incredible website that accuratley and accessibly lists all the carry-on baggage restrictions across many airlines. I always visit this site before I fly – it’s no fun being stuck at the gate!

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