Charity Spotlight: Smiling Times T Shirts

Smiling Times – Something We Can All Do

They say it takes more muscles in your body to smile than it does to frown. If you ask Nelson Santos he’d tell you the same. Nelson is the founder of Smiling Times. He sells T-shirts and donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. He spends his free time travelling the world and volunteering with those organizations that need a little extra help. We can all learn something from Nelson.

Smile now, Smile often.

If you have a minute I encourage you to search for Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on body language. She demonstrated the power of positive thinking and suggests taking a “fake it til you make it’ approach in life. There is one point she shows the crowd of thousands that if they simply were to bite down on a pen and¬†force their face to smile then they would actually¬†feel happier. I’ve always been inspired by her story and I think you’ll really take a lot away from it as well. Whatever you do or wherever you are try and take a page out of Nelson Santos’ book and do good for someone, somewhere. You don’t have to travel the world or even give up anything – it’s something we all have to power to do every minute of every day.

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