Cheap flight to Abu Dhabi from Globehunters is just what your honeymoon needs!

Cheap flights on your honeymoon make it that much better.

I love talking to couples when they are telling me about their honeymoon plans. They have this sparkle in their eye that tells me there is nothing else on their minds but each other. The idea of far off places like Abu Dhabi fill their thoughts with joy – they can’t wait to be experiencing some new adventure together. The reality always set in towards the end of the conversation – the thought of money and the overall cost is sobering to some people. When I tell them about cheap flights to Abu Dhabi from Globehuntersthey perk up and begin to listen to what I tell them

So many people can save money, hardly anyone takes advantage of the opportunity.

It’s a fact we all live with. Most of us would rather take the easy way which is a simple travel agent that books our vacation for us. It really is easy to use Globehunters, the savings is well worth it. If someone told you that a savings of hundreds of dollars would be as simple as a few clicks would you want to take it. Imagine how you could use that on your honeymoon, what would you do with it? Let’s explore some of the things you could do with your savings.

1)Take another day trip

Day trips are some of the funnest things you can do with the one you love. With the money you’ll save from using Globehunters you can take another adventure. Why not check pick up some Ferrari World Admission Tickets? It’s the only Ferrari branded theme park in the world and it’s indoors too (get out of the heat!)

Sunset Desert Safari with a belly dancing show

How much fun does this sound? You’ll be able to afford to go on this amazing sunset desert safari and check out some really great sights you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I love this kind of thing and I know you will too. The belly dancing show at the end is an especially nice treat to end the trip with!

3) Formula Yas 3000 Driving Experience.

Does the sound of driving a 3000cc V6 on a formula 1 race track sound like an adventure to you? Race your spouse with some time trials and see who really is the fastest driver! This is a great adventure for those who want to do something a little different – when else are you going to be able to drive a formula 1 race car?

The savings is going to go a long way, thanks to Globehunters

With all of the money you are going to save you are really going to be able to make the most out of your honeymoon. It’s also a great habit to get into now that you are married. You can show each other how responsible with money you are, it’s a great skill to have and it will help your marriage last a long, long time!



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