Honeymooning in Vietnam is so much fun!

I was in Vietnam last year

OK, it was late last year. In November. I was shooting a wedding for a couple I had met the year before during another wedding.. I know it’s a bit confusing. Anyways we were in Vietnam for the wedding and I asked the couple what they were going to be doing for their honeymoon. I was surprised when they told me they were going to be sticking around for a few months! 

Difficulties with company registration.

They told me about how they were having a hard time with company registration, Vietnam is notoriously difficult to navigate corporate law. They told me about helping their friend from Halifax with some business start up – something to do with manufacturing. It didn’t sound like that much of an exciting honeymoon until they got to the good part. They told me they were only expected for about 3 or 4 days to help their friends out and then they were going to go take in the sights. They had many different plans to sight see and adventure seek throughout their entire long honeymoon.  I met a few different couples at this wedding and they were all telling me how much fun they were having in Vietnam and how they would consider taking their honeymoon there! So much fun!

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