Honeymoon Planning; don’t make it wedding planning stress 2.0!

Did you think of this stress saving idea before you booked your honeymoon?

So many people get wrapped up in their wedding planning they don’t have time to put much thought into their honeymoon planning. They have an idea of where they want to travel and maybe book a hotel or spend 20 minutes at a travel agent and book a week trip somewhere. It isn’t until after the wedding is over that they realize they may have just walked into another stressful situation.

What kind of travelling do you want to do?

It’s a question we have all faced. Are we happy travelling somehwere relatively local, like a neighboring state or province? In Nova Scotia, where I am from, you can get across the entire province in no more than 5 hours of driving. When I lived in British Columbia it could take 24 hours of driving to get from end to end! A cross country trip (Canada or the USA) would take a minimum of three days of continuous driving! That’s a lot when you consider the stress you just went through planning your own wedding.

Backpacker or spa lover, what kind of traveller are you?

Backpackers love the idea of just hitting the road.

They want adventure and they don’t care if they have to sleep sitting upright on a train to find one. They are more concerned about the journey, and not the destination. They want to collect stories and see as many new places as they can. They don’t mind a little bit of extra stress that can come with living life by the seat of your pants. That hostel you are staying in doesn’t have any hot water? No biggie, they will just grab a shower at their next destination. The backpackers personality is to go with the flow. This might be for you if you are happy just living in the moment.

Spa lovers want to relax! Don’t bother them with anything!

Spa lovers don’t want to be bothered with a single detail. These types of people believe that a vacation is a time where you should be treated like royalty. They only decisions you should be making in the course of a day are what to wear when you wake up in the morning and what to select of the fine dining cuisine menu. These are people who will get quite upset if there is a problem with some of their pre-exisiting plans. Missed a connection? Ruined trip. Hotel doesn’t bring up fresh towels as soon as request? Big problem.

No matter who you are, you need to research

This is the most important part of trip planning. There are so many resources online for you to plan your next trip. Not just for honeymooning either. With the review sites getting more and more credible you have no excuse not to have a full understanding of your destination and what to expect when you arrive. I love to use several sites for my travels; I especially like the ones where you can create your own trip and choose all of the details. It’s a fantastic way to do things.


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