Things you should know about picking a wedding gift. (Hint; it’s not what you think)

Don’t be a person who gives ‘that gift’

Seriously. We all know you are out there. The egg beaters, or the cheap art (you know who you are.) Wedding gifts say so much about the people who give them. They speak volumes about what you think of the couple who are being married. Don’t you want to make sure you send the right message and get them something they will use for years?

Is there a gift that works for everyone?

There are a few different options when it comes to¬†‘really amazing gifts that are great for everyone’ but not many. One that I always recommend to wedding guests when they ask me what they should get the couple that has everything is a creme brulee culinary torch for the kitchen! It’s a gift that says so much about what you think of the newly weds. With married life comes sophistication¬†and with that, an increased interest in baking and cooking.

Wedding gifts should only be the highest quality.

One thing that all wedding gifts have in common is that they should be made to the highest standards. You don’t want to offend a couple with a low quality alternative to a great product. This is why it’s so important to buy the best of whatever it is you are buying. If you can only afford a $100 gift, get them the best thing you can that $100 will buy. Don’t get a cheap version of something else, even though it may be within your price range. A culinary torch is a great example because you can get a very high quality one for around the same price most people spend on wedding gifts. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise you with some fresh dessert next time you are over for dinner!




creme brulee culinary torch for the home kitchen

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