Want to Class Up Your Wedding? Here’s How!


Have you ever been to a wedding..

That was just extra classy? It had that pizzazz, that panache, that really made it stand out? Think back to that wedding and ask yourself what made it so special. I bet you will come to the same conclusions that I did: it’s all the little things!

What you can do to make your wedding memorable:

There are countless ways you can up the classiness factor of your wedding. What I’d like to talk about is ballroom dancing. It’s one of the classic, most elegant forms of dancing and it’s been around for centuries. When you and your fiancee commit to learning how to ballroom dance you not only show your guests how devoted you are to each other, but you also show them what kind of people you are. The kind of people who are all class.

Don’t think you are in good enough shape to ballroom dance?

Think again! This isn’t flamenco or ballet. A quality dance studio is able to cater to every skill level. If you are willing to put out the effort you will undoubtedly be the center of attention on the dance floor when you show off your new moves. Think about 20 years from now when you and your spouse can still ballroom dance and how it’s going to throw you right back to your wedding day.

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