Destination: Turks and Caicos Weddings

Destination Wedding:

Turks and Caicos the premiere destination wedding location. It’s got sun, sand, surf and everything else you need for your destination wedding. I’ve been photographing and planning weddings for over five years and I’ve gone to some pretty spectacular locations. We all know the reason people want to have a destination wedding; it’s because they want to enjoy an amazing tropical location with their closest friends and family to celebrate the best day of their lives! Sounds great right?

Don’t get ‘burned’ remember these tips:

When you are planning your destination wedding to Turks and Caicos there are a few absolutely critical things you have to remember. Check out this list and make sure you follow up with it for the most amazing tropical time ever!

  1. Don’t forget the sunblock! Seriously, I see this happen often. Of course resorts and local shops sell it you can expect to pay double or even triple what you would have paid for it back home. You either get burned by the sun or burned in your wallet! Just bring it and avoid getting burned all together.
  2. Sunglasses! It doesn’t matter if you bring a cheap pair you bought from the gas station on your drive home from work or if you bought the newest and hottest Ray Bans, bring them! The sun at Turks and Caicos – as with the rest of the tropics – is way more intense than you are probably used to. Don’t get stuck without them!
  3. Stay at the best resort on the islands! Your are travelling all that way, you might as well stay at the best Turks and Caicos Destination Wedding resort that there is! Seriously, you earned it!

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