Destination wedding Bali, here we go!

The thing I love the most about photographing destination weddings

is the sheer amount of people you get to meet. I’ve met thousands of people from so many different countries I have ran out of room twice in my passport for visa stamps. The most recent wedding we photographed was down at a Bali beachfront venue and it was at the most beautiful beachfront resort I’ve ever seen. I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding in Bali since I was about 12 years old so this was really a dream come true.

Did I mention how great the venue was?

Bali_beachfronthotelIt’s everything you would imagine a luxury tropical resort would be. Wake up in the morning and enjoy a coffee overlooking the Indian Ocean. People watch. Walk to the beach, enjoy the sun. Your cares are an entire globe away and nothing matters but your own agenda. There was a beautiful pool overlooking the ocean as well as the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed.

Get away from the Caribbean, get to Bali

Seriously. I’m seeing so many more weddings head to the tropics over the Caribbean. People want something new, not something they’ve done a thousand times. Go to Bali and show your friends and family the times of their lives!


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