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Are You Getting the Best Diamond?

Getting married usually means diamonds. All kinds of diamonds. Big ones, small ones, single or many. The fact that you are getting married means you are going to be getting very comfortable with all of the diamond lingo. Here are some more common terms you should be familiar with when discussing these precious little stones.


In laymens terms, this talks about how ‘banged up’ a diamond is. These stones come from the earth and it’s only natural that under a microscope most of them are going to have some small inclusions or blemishes.  This is why a flawless diamond is so rare, and so expensive.


Pertaining to the mass of a diamond. This one is actually pretty simple. For every 200 milligrams, we have 1 carat. If you have ever heard of the term paragon it means a flawless stone of at least 20 grams. Imagine that spectacular stone!


This is quite an extensive catagory and pertains to much of the color of a diamond and what makes a diamond have color. For the purpose of this post we will be explaining the color scale for diamonds in the normal color range. Perfectly transparant diamonds are the most valuable, as they appear brighter and white to the eye. The scale starts at D and goes all the way to Z, with Z being more yellow than clear. The better colored diamonds are closer to D than Z. Simple?


This one is pretty straightforward, it’s the cut given to the raw stone that was mined from the Earth. Most popular is the round brilliant cut but you will find many different types when shopping for a ring.

Now You Know, Get the Best You Can!

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