The most awesome themed wedding I’ve ever seen

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I admit it, I’m a sucker for amazingly beautiful so over the top it’s bananas themed weddings that leave you with the most amazing memories and asking yourself, “Did I just see that?” So what makes a themed wedding so awesome and unique that it would inspire me to write an entire post about it? Well, there are many different reasons but the ones I’m going to touch on today are the type that really are the difference makers. Minecraft themed weddings!

Are they really as good as they sound?

Don’t get me wrong, themed weddings are not for everyone, in fact, less people choose to do a themed wedding then a non-themed wedding. This is interersting for several reasons. Most often, people choose a classic, elegant wedding theme without even realize they are doing it. When people choose a themed wedding on purpose, the results are generally a lot more exciting and turn out so much better for the photographs.

Why does minecraft make such a great wedding theme?

As millennials quickly approach the average age of marriage (27 in North America) they are more likely to stay connected and choose themes that they are comfortable with. Minecraft has been around a long time, most millennials have experienced minecraft in some form or another, whether it was their siblings or themselves who played it or friends, someone they know was into it. When you factor this into an entire wedding there are going to beĀ a lot of people who have some experience with minecraft.

Any suit or dress can be made minecraftable!

We don’t have to use blocks to make out weddings Minecraft themed. I have seen tremendous success when people have made it a little more subtle. For example, when people choose a minecraft themed wedding and they use their centerpieces as beautiful red stone torches, it makes a great impression. I have seen minecraft wedding cakes and minecraft flowers. There really is no limit to the approach you can take and I haven’t seen someone do a bad job yet!

Make sure a themed wedding is for you

Are you the type of person who likes to read top ten lists and research the heck out of something before you attempt to complete it? Do you love spending your weekends working on a new DIY project no matter what else you have on the go? The type of person I have really witnessed succeed at a wedding is the type of person who loves getting their hands dirty. The awesome thing about this personality trait is that it transfers perfectly to working on their own themed wedding. A lot of these decorations aren’t easy to purchase, and chances are you are going to be doing them yourselves. Keep that in mind because it is going to take up a lot more time than someone who goes with the classical wedding.


Look at some of the online resources and you will have a ton of success when you incorporateĀ really fun Minecraft-like games that’ll stretch your imagination!


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