Doing Engagement Rings the Right Way


Some of the best ideas I have are over a cup of coffee

It wasn’t that long ago I was talking to an old friend about proposals and how most are really boring but sometimes we hear about one that just goes the distance. She had mentioned one to be about how this man rented a theater for his girlfriend and convinced her they were going to see a pre-screening of a new movie. This was totally awesome because for as long as they were together they always always went to cheap night at the theater. So they walk into the theater and it’s just the two of them. They sit down, the curtains open and a slideshow of their relationship starts playing along with ‘their song’. This got me thinking about how there are so many unique ways to propose so why don’t more people do it in a more unique fashion?

Not everyone loves theatrics

And that’s ok. I get it. We all get it. That doesn’t excuse you from being at least a little bit original. Take this example I heard of the other day. I went to school with this guy who was super shy and quiet. He was really nice, just very very introverted. I heard he had a girlfriend and was asking around for a unique way to propose. I got in touch with him and asked what they like to do together, shared interested and that kind of thing. He told me a bunch of different things they loved to do together but emphasized how much he doesn’t like attention from strangers and wanted his proposal to be very low key. He really wanted something unique.DSC_0693-1

Don’t get your engagement ring from the boring old mall

Seriously. Don’t. Those rings are usually not the greatest quality and you are paying a gigantic mark up. If you want unique and beautiful you should design your own engagement ring. That’s what I told my shy friend to do. It’s the first thing she is going to look at after she says yes and what means more to her than a ring you designed yourself? Anyone can stroll into the mall and pick out any ring the salesperson tells them to, but it takes someone truly devoted to love to design their own. I love and they make the design process so simple.


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