Don’t be late! The importance of nice watches on your wedding day

Deadlines are significant throughout your wedding day

A typical wedding schedule (and I’ve worked enough weddings to know them like clockwork) has many different deadlines throughout the day. From the time you get up until the time you put your head on your pillow you are going to be bombarded with hard and fast deadlines. It’s always been my advice to just relax on your wedding day and let the professionals handle how your timeline unfolds, but you would be remiss to not at least have an idea of where you stand. You should have a strong understanding of exactly how your day is going to blossom. Need a watch but don’t know where to go to buy one, or how to pick one? Check out out on this watch review website.

The day starts with coffee and breakfast

watch buying guideYou wake up with your wedding party at a hotel. By this point you’ve been away from your fiancee for an entire night at least and the big day you have been planning for  a year has finally arrived. Your first scheduled item is breakfast and coffee with your bridal party; but don’t get too comfortable, hair and makeup in the hotel room at 10!

It’s 10:05 now, are you where you need to be?

You arranged to meet the hair and makeup artist in your hotel room at 10:00 so you could get ready in comfort. You’ve arranged champagne and orange juice and it’s going to be a great time with your girls as you spend the rest of the morning getting ready. The photographer is set to arrive at 11, can you be sure they aren’t wandering around the hotel lobby and that you will be there or have someone there to greet them in time?clock on wall

It’s noon now and time for the dress to go on

So far the timelines have been pretty loose, no big deal if you are late a few minutes. From here on out though it’s different. Every timeline is hard and fast and every minute you wait is going to leave your guests, all 100+ of them, impatiently waiting and tapping their feet wondering what’s taking you so long. The ceremony is scheduled for 2:30 but you wanted to squeeze in some “first look” photographs beforehand. Are you able to keep an eye on your watch and make sure that window doesn’t close because you maid of honor wanted her hair redone? Being cognizent of the time allows you to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to getting exactly what you want out of your wedding day.

Ceremony time, how long did you plan to spend on that receiving line?

The receiving line, the thorn in any wedding planner or wedding photographers side. Something that starts out so innocently can turn into such a time consumer. With the only time for formal photos really falling between the ceremony and the reception – do you want to lose track of time and as a result lose the opportunity to get those gorgeous photos taken? If you are wearing a beautiful watch this will never be a problem. You can speed up the receiving line and be whisked away for the photos of a lifetime.

The reception is in 15? Where did the time go?

I love taking photos, I could spend literally hours upon hours with the bride and groom taking formal portraits. To be honest when I am taking photos I’m not at all concerned with the next deadline. As a photographer this is my time to shine. If the bride and groom are late to their reception so be it, that is their decision to make. From your point of view though, you may want to not keep your elderly guests waiting any longer than they have to be. You may also concerned about friends or family who are waiting with young children. That beautiful time piece on your wrist is going to allow you to choose exactly how late you are willing to be to the reception.Dockshot

Reception is the time to unwind!

You’ve made it! Sure there are going to be a few timings to consider, like speeches, cake cutting, and the first dance, but other than that you’ve made it through the hard and fast deadlines. You should be able to feel good knowing that you didn’t keep people waiting (too long, we hope!) and that you were able to get everything done you wanted to do. Relax now, enjoy your wedding night and know that a beautiful watch was a big part of how you made it through! Now check out this nice list of affordable watches and pick one that suits you!

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