Don’t get stuck with some mediocre photos. Hire a destination wedding photographer.

Destination Wedding Photographers do cost more.

It’s a fact. You are paying someone to¬†travel and then do a job. There are many things associated with travelling to a foreign country despite how beautiful and tropical it may be. Sure, you could pay the $500 and use the resort photographer if all you want is 20-30 poorly edited digital photos; but if you want to remember the amazing tropical wedding you booked, you should really bring a fantastic photographer.

I can’t believe how amazing this set turned out. Cuba never looked so great.

I came across these guys a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see just how amazing they captured this Cuba wedding. They were everywhere at once and it seems like they never missed a beat with the photos. I have used some of their work on this website before, they do such amazing things.

Make sure you click with their personality. It’s important.

Why is it so important? People need to get along. People really need to get along when they are with each other thousands of miles from home for a week or more. bridesmaid holding chalkboardSit down with them, meet them, ask them what they like to do for fun and make damn sure they are taking as much interest in you! I’ve heard some horror stories about relationships that have soured between photographer and couple, and in the end everyone loses. Everyone. Make sure you get along. Be friends, not foes.

Like their style? Great, now make sure they can replicate it.

destination mapIt’s human nature to only want to showcase our best work. Hell, I did it for years when I was shooting 40 weddings a season. We want the best so we show our best. This is one of the most overlooked opportunities to see what someone is all about. Ask to see an entire set, not just what is on the blog. Tell them you want to see every single shot that was delivered to the couple. Tell them you want to see at least 5 weddings. No one should ever have a problem doing this for you. Do they edit only the images on the blog or do they edit the whole set? I would edit 600+ photos with every delivery, only though maybe 100 would make the blog. I did it because I cared about the people I worked with.

Work visas, travel insurance, should you make sure they need it?

It’s a good idea to work with someone who has traveled before. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere so it’s a bit much to expect every photographer to have at least one destination wedding under their belt, but as I said before there is a lot to shooting a wedding,grooms jumping in cuba especially when you are involving customs in a strange land. It’s worth it if they know what they are doing and don’t get their gear seized at the airport because it was obvious they were not on a vacation but in fact working. Without a work visa. Snap.

Lastly, love the one you’re with.

This goes not only for wedding photographers but the photos they take. Hardly any one couple is dead set on one vendor. They usually will have a list and then select based on price and availability. If you pick vendor A and then keep wondering what vendor B’s work would have looked like, you are not going to ever be able to appreciate vendor A’s amazing work. It’s all about you. You paid these people to do their job. You paid them to travel to this exotic local. Now enjoy it!

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