Don’t have a boring ceremony, spice it up with this proven method!

Having been a part of so many weddings

It’s a wonder I’ve seen and even been a part of so many different wedding ceremonies. I’ve spent hours documenting every detail of a Catholic ceremony, I’ve patiently waited for a great shooting opportunity at a Hindu ceremony, but of all the ceremonies I’ve been a part of one things sticks out:

Colored sand during a ceremony makes the day

It’s such a unique and beautiful way to symbolize love. Wedding ceremony unity sand and color represents a different life to signify unity into one being. A couple can choose to add as many colors as they like to symbolize God, or children, or whomever else that is part of their life.

It’s the little things that make the day

A sand ceremony can be as big a deal – or little – as you want. You can incorporate it into your ceremony or you can make your ceremony all about it. The choice is yours. What this has proven to me is that all the little things that you can do throughout a wedding day really make the difference. I’ve been a part of weddings where it’s just clockwork, nothing stands out and the couple hasn’t done a thing out of the ordinary. These are lackluster and to be honest I forget about them really fast. I remember every wedding I’ve shot that had a sand ceremony. I loved it.

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