Don’t Let a Poorly Dressed Groom Happen at Your Wedding!

Is it true? Men hate shopping?

The groom, men in general, often are overlooked during wedding preparations. After all, the day is all about her. I often see the men of the wedding sporting a rented tux and that’s about it. They often lack accessories, properly matched ties and belts, etc. Why is this always the way? It’s a common conception that men don’t actually like shopping for themselves. This isn’t true at all, most men love shopping for clothing and accessories.

Destination Wedding? Get Him Looking Good

Especially if you are choosing a destination for your wedding. You want him looking his best, all that cost associated with travelling to a tropical country shouldn’t be thrown away by a shabby looking groom. Do your best everywhere and get him looking great. Getting married in Jamaica? Great idea! You need Jamaica Wedding Photography check these guys out and you’ll never look back!


Keep your man looking great with Harrison Blake Apparel.


I’ve always trusted the folks over at Harrison Blake Apparel, these folks really got men’s fashion down to a science! They sell everything from bow ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, bracelets and even watches! The amazing thing is everything for sale on their website is for $20 or less. Want to know what else is cool? Use the promo code SAVE20 and take an additional discount. Yay! Steph&Luke-212

If you need a gift for the men in your wedding, or your groom needs to be spiffed up, make sure they check out Harrison Blake Apparel. Seriously though. Get them there right now.

I know you are going to fall in love with this amazing shop. They have this really amazing monthly club where they mail you 1 necktie and 4 accessories all for only $25. It’s called the Selected Monthly Club and it’s the best deal I’ve seen online in a looooonnng time.

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