Don’t Let These Problems Ruin Your Wedding; 7 Ways To Stay Prepared

Weddings can be full of problems

It’s so true. Even though despite all of our planning and despite our best intentions something way outside of our control can happen and lead to a problem that could ruin your wedding. No one wants to hear this, no one even want to think about this, but we should really have a chat about it. As a wedding photographer I tell my clients to make sure they plan for every little problem they could face. Some people call it Murphy’s Law: Anything that can happen, will happen. The more modern iteration or one that is more suitable towards problems arising unexpectedly is this: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

How words of wisdom from decades ago still applies today.

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst” words of wisdom my grandfather would tell me as a child. I makes sense and it’s natural for a prudent person to do so anyways. (Side note – here is a quote I love about prudence: “A prudent person moors his boat with two anchors”. I first read this quote out of an old philosophy book when I was in my early twenties – I know, what an intellect reading philosophy that young – at least I thought I was an intellect, another story for another day perhaps? Anyways prudence means to be careful in the face of hazard/danger/problems.

Insurance against the first anchor failing.

The prudent person was aware that anchors do fail on occasion. They know that despite the build quality or their ability to drop the anchor, there are factors beyond their control that could cause the anchor to slip and their boat to sail away. Say for example the anchor seemed like it sunk well and was firmly hooked on the riverbed. What we don’t see is that the anchor is actually hooked very weakly to a stone. The stone is either going to get pulled out of the river bed or the anchor will simply slip after being jostled for so long by the rapids. The point is this; some may see the prudent person as being a little carried away using two anchors (and perhaps he is, we weren’t there to understand the situation) but in the event the first anchor failed he would still have his boat. He would still be able to navigate the waters and he wouldn’t be stuck wherever he was without a boat. We call this insurance.

Why do we need insurance in the first place? Are we ever going to use it?

I’m sure any of us who own our own home or car have had this thought. Just last week my neighbor was by my house for a coffee and our conversation turned towards his home insurance. He couldn’t understand why he should have to pay a few thousand dollars a year just in case his house burned down. He cited all of the homes that never actually burn down and how the vast majority of people never actually need the insurance they are paying for. This was the argument he made. What he didn’t see, or didn’t want to see, was that there are people, just like you and me, that actually do use their insurance. Insurance doesn’t just cover a total loss, it can cover anything in between. You may have some relatively small damage to a pipe burst or a tree fall on your roof. These financial setbacks would be so great they would be enough to force most of us out of our homes anyways. On the premise alone it makes sense to have insurance. We haven’t even looked at the total loss yet. When you’re planning your wedding you should keep in mind these following tips on how to remain prudent and prepared for any problems your wedding day may face. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10+ years and I’ve seen more than my share of wedding day disasters. Most, if not all of them, could have been easily avoided. If you want to see why I’ve gone through the trouble and did my best to compare wedding insurance, you can read more and let me do all the work for you!

7 Ways To Avoid Disaster On Your Wedding Day


1) Delegate some of your tasks to your friends and family

This is the most obvious solution I offer to brides and grooms while they are planning their wedding. There are so many tasks to undertake during the planning of the wedding unless you have superpowers you are going to miss something. Anything from forgetting to make that change to your boutinierres to adding a tier to your cake. Maybe you forget to order those special tents that are meant to hold up in the event of a storm and you end up getting just flimsy tents with weak poles. Can you imagine your wedding if it was supposed to be outdoors and their was a storm? Would your tents be able to stand up to the weather? You need to come up with an extensive list of what needs to be done – everything you can possibly think of. The way you are going to present the sitting arrangements for the reception? Delegate it. Reviewing your MC’s speeches before he get’s up there and makes a fool of himself? Sounds like a great task for someone else to take care of. The point of this is to take some of the stress of your plate so your are less likely to make a mistake, this means less of a chance of a wedding day disaster!

2) Read online reviews before you book a vendor.

This is important – I was thinking about putting this in the number one spot, we’ll call it the one and a half spot. As a wedding photographer I survive in the industry because of my reputation. I work with clients and they tell me all of the great things they have already heard about me. Last month I was sitting down with a bride (her future husband couldn’t make it, he had to work) we were talking about how exciting her wedding was going to be and I could tell just how much she was looking forward to it. I asked her how she had heard about me and I was surprised to hear the answer. She told me she had searched online with google and had a look through the results. She then looked up the reviews and took them all into consideration (she even made a point to look up the bad reviews, which there were none I’m happy to say!) She reached out to every person she was able to track down via the reviews. A lot of people leave reviews with Facebook, well, she private messaged them and asked about my services at their wedding. I could tell this bride was being very prudent. She told me everyone she talked to had only great things to say about me, I was flattered as chatted some more. What strikes me as the most interesting thing about this is that most people don’t do their homework. When we’re discussing wedding photography it’s the one vendor who is with you all day long. If you end up stuck with a dud who is awkward to hang out with then it’s going to reflect in your photos. Wedding photographers like Tobiah Tayo make the process simple and you can be confident you’ve landed a true professional.

3) Store your wedding gifts somewhere safe

Yes, this is the sad unfortunate reality of weddings. People don’t like to think that some of their wedding gifts could be stolen. They would never invite anyone to their wedding who would steal from them. Well, as much as you may think that to be true, think about all of the people who will be in and out of the reception area during your wedding day. Remember your cousin who you invited with a plus one? Well, her boyfriend just got released from jail. The catering staff who has been clearing tables? She just pocketed 5 envelopes that were full of cash and meant for you. It’s a tragic reality but being prepared for it will help avoid these situations all together. Don’t let them be stolen in the first place, right?!

4) Wedding rings – who is taking care of them?bride and groom kissing on their wedding day

You aren’t going to be wearing them until the ceremony, actually, near the end of the ceremony if we want to get specific. Everyone is going to think it’s so cute that you got your 4 year old nephew to be the ring bearer but who is holding onto the rings until he walks them down the aisle? If you said his mom you should consider this: She is taking care of at least one 4 year old during a wedding. I’m telling you right now I don’t care how organized she is or how trustworthy she is she is going to have a lot on her plate. Put a lot of consideration into this one, losing the rings during your wedding ceremony is one of the toughest things to go through.

5) Transportation is a way to look classy. It’s also a way to look foolish.

Imagine this, you’ve lined up your uncles rebuilt ’65 mustang.  You’re so excited he is lending it to you to arrive to the church in your don’t even consider the fact that A) your uncle is not nor never has been an auto mechanic and B) old cars have a habit of breaking down. What kind of backup plan do you have should your uncle call at the last minute and mutter something about the distributor cap not working or just needing to change some plugs and some wires before he comes and picks you up. Doesn’t he know that you are on a tight schedule? It doesn’t really matter when the car isn’t even running! If you really want to show up in a flashy ride that’s great, I love seeing beautiful cars pull up to a church and a stunning bride step out of them. It’s one of my favorite shots to capture. What I don’t like seeing is a bride too embarrassed to pull up in her friends corolla because she didn’t have a backup plan.

6) Personal Liability – How does that even apply?

This is very important if you are getting married at a non-traditional venue. All hotels and churches in North America and Europe operate with their own insurance that would cover a guest getting injured. If you are getting married at a hotel or church you have no need to worry about this. The concern is if you opted to get married at “Johnsons Family Ranch” these types of venues are popping up everywhere – people want to make money where they can. Private residences insurance policies will definitely not cover any personal injury to a guest of yours, so guess who is on the hook? You. That’s right. The organizers of the event. You may want to reconsider that venue or at least look into some insurance options.

7) Being too concerned about things that could go wrong.

This is the worst disaster that could strike at the heart of any wedding. I’ve seen so many brides fall victim to it. They become so stressed and worked up because the culmination of a year or more of planning is all taking place at one time and they just can’t believe it and they hope nothing goes wrong and no they don’t have time to pay any attention to anything that is going on around them because can’t you see I have to make sure everything goes perfectly!

Phew, that was a mouthful. The point is it can be very easy to get worked up on your wedding day. Not only is this going to ruin your photos (I’ve yet to meet a person who looks their best when they are stressed out) but it’s going to take away from you enjoying the best day of your life. Plan for these problems and then let the chips fall where they may – your job is to now enjoy the wedding day.

Or you could just get wedding insurance

I’ve already done the ground work for you. Did you know that wedding insurance will cover most of the problems I listed above? I’ve found the best wedding insurance  will incorporate this list and more and I think you should really consider it.

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