Why sharing your travel story will make you feel amazing

We love travelling to dream destinations

We really do. I’ve travelled across the globe through my wedding photography business and I’ve talked to countless people about their specific adventures. I know that when I’m planning on travelling to a new destination I love looking it up and reading about it on social media as well as the web. I’ve really fell in love with geoglimpsetravel.com, it’s all about your dream destination, within reach.

Visit a place before you visit a place.

I know, crazy right? This is the world we live in. We can totally scout out a location before we actually travel to it. We can go online and with a few clicks and few searches we can be immersed in photos and videos of the exact destination we are travelling to.

So much fun – you’ve got to be a part of it

It’s a community really. At geoglimpsetravel.com they’ve got this amazing community of like minded people all sharing and telling their stories. When you take part in it you are actually contributing to helping other people out, other people just like you! It’s a lot of fun to comment and look at other peoples images, but also to get feedback on your own journey. Maybe you’re in a location and haven’t even thought about checking out that ‘hidden, not for tourists, super-awesome-hot-spot.’ Being a part of this community means someone’s going to tell you before you miss out on it!



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