Elegance in a Cake Topper: You’re Worth It!

Cake toppers that turn heads

Here’s something we often overlook when discussing wedding planning. Cake toppers. We always remember to order the cake but so many brides I’ve worked with over the years have always left the cake topper until the absolute last minute, effectively leaving it until the only place they can get one is the local grocery store (sad face.)

You don’t have to make that same mistake. Amazon!

Today we have Amazon, and 3withimg_5648 it we can do a quick
search and find some stunning cake toppers that will take your breath away. With fast shipping we can often have them delivered within two days! How’s that for convenient?

Cake toppers speak to your personality

It’s a part of the wedding where you and your partner can really s2_1hine through. I’ve seen some really unique ones like a fisherman and woman or two star wars characters. If you want to express
yourself a cake-topper isn’t a bad place to start. If you’re the classy and expressive type you should consider an elegant gold Mr and Mrs cake topper. This cake topper says, “We’re classy
and we value elegance.” I really like it for it’s classic appeal and I’m sure you will to. Check out these photos and let me know what you think of it!

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