Have you considered an environment friendly wedding? Here’s why you should:

With so much talk these days about climate change I think it’s safe to say that the way we are all living our lives in the developed world is playing a part in global warming. All the things we do to try and make a difference add up, the effects are cumulative.  This is why you need to consider a green wedding.

Green Weddings are Fun!

Isn’t this what a great wedding is all about? Having photographed so many weddings I can say some of the most fun weddings I have been a part of were totally green! We did one several years ago that was in the back country. It involved: tons of fun hiking and some beautiful scenic photos, campfire songs with the acoustic guitar, and seeing the sunrise from a hilltop first thing in the morning. Everyone loved it and we left a very small carbon footprint.

Trending? Check. Hip? Check. Great for your wallet? Check!

When you get an opportunity to save a few bucks around your wedding, of course (if you are like most people) would like to take that opportunity and save it. Environment Weddings can be very cost effective! You get to be good for the environment AND save some money. How great is that?

Don’t get lost in the shuffle, there is only one true environment wedding source:

When you get caught up in the online search for wedding ideas and inspiration it’s so easy to get bogged down in the fluff. Stick with something you can trust. I love this post on environment friendly wedding, it’s such an awesome post on the subject. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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