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You need to check out these wedding gifts;

Ah the wedding gift purchase, quite possibly the most difficult, or awkward, gift you’ll ever have to buy. Unless you know the bride or groom intimately (as in, inner circle level of intimacy) you probably don’t know what to get them. Haven’t been to a wedding in awhile? Perfect, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to figure out what type of gift to buy. Admit it: you were leaning towards getting the couple a gift card from a big box store/fancy restaurant/kitchen and bath shop? Of course you were; these gift cards have been dominating the wedding gift scene for the last 5 years. Between gift cards and cash the couple might think no one really knows them.

What’s wrong with gift cards – you can get cool gadgets with them.

Well yes, you certainly can, but that still isn’t the point! You have been invited to this wedding because on some level you are a big part of the lives of either the bride or groom – or both of them. Think about that before you stuff some cash in an envelope: these people felt they knew you well enough to invite you to the biggest day of their lives. See? Gadgets and gear, cash and gift cards, it’s big business!

OK, I’m convinced – now what the heck do I get them?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve photographed enough weddings (200+ of them) to know what’s a great gift. I can always tell by the shape of the gift box and the wrapping paper that this gift has something amazing inside. I’ll snap a photo of the box and move on. I always make a point to follow up with the couple when I deliver the wedding album and ask them what cool stuff they got as gifts. They’ll lead with (usually), “we got xxx.xx cash, and a bunch of gift cards, oh but we got this really great smart home gadget that we can’t wait to install!”

There is some really great online product review websites

I trust all my decision making to What Rocks and What Sucks, an amazing gadget and gear reviews website. This is your ideal, one stop shop product review website. You can break down by category (electronics, home/kitchen, body/health, etc.) This comes in really really handy when you are stuck and can’t decide on a gift for this couple. I’ll usually start by reading their most recent reviews and then just kind of wander around the website until I find something I think looks neat. I’ll read the write up on it and if it’s something I think would make a great wedding gift I’m sold on the spot! The great thing is you’ll find a lot of the products aren’t just “Best sewing machine ever!” it would be more like “Best Sewing Machine on the Market for Beginners” – it’s really handy when shopping around because you know that these reviews are based in fact and actual usage.


Check out What Rocks and What Sucks today for the best gadget and gear reviews on the internet.


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