Galena Ghost Tour Walk And Why You Have To Go


I was in Galena, IL for a wedding

I had some down time so I decided to check out the Galena Ghost Tour Walk I had heard some

really great things


about it from some people I was travelling with. Of all the travelling I do as a wedding photographer what I enjoy most about it (besides the actual wedding) is all of the cool places I get a chance to visit. I always make sure to check out something local when I’m in a new town or city – and this time I was in for a scare!

If you want a good haunting here’s what you need to know

ghost walk

The ghost walk is family friendly but there is some mention of murder and general mayhem (what ghost tour doesn’t involve murder?!) I thought the guide was amazing and there were definitely some children in our group. I would be totally comfortable bringing my children on the walk. There was even a person who had ghost hunting equipment (the guide made sure they were aware of the policy of not being disruptive.) It was really great to see how accommodating the staff were. If you are thinking about the tour but aren’t sure whether or not to take your family you should for sure do it!



Don’t be afraid to try something new

Pardon the pun but I had never gone on a ghost tour walk before I went on the Galena Ghost Tour Walk. I didn’t really know what to expect but now that I look back on it I totally should have just visited their website Haunted Galena Tour Company it is super informative and includes things like tour walk times, dates, sightings and you can even purchase tickets. Trust me – if you are up for a fright you are going to love this tour!

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