Gamos Wedding Photographer

You won’t want to miss a wedding in Greece

I’ve been to Greece. I spent three weeks there and traveled from Corfu, on to Athens, and then throughout the islands. GamosElenaDimitristopgamos48610x407No travelling I have ever done brings back such amazing memories. It’s as if we all have some connection to the cradle of civilization and to be close to our ancient home makes us feel truly alive. I attended a wedding while I was there and it was everything you could imagine a storybook wedding could be. It was awesome.


Make sure you get the best photographer you can!

It’s the same everywhere in the world. Great wedding photographers are hard to find. I understand why this is, it’s because it’s an incredibly challenging occupation and the best are in a very high demand.¬†Of course, this is no different in Greece. You need to check out this Top Gamos wedding photographer. For me, it’s simple to spot a great wedding photographer. top gamos photographerWhen you can feel the raw emotion through the photographs you know you have a winner.

Greece is a magnificent place

It’s a place that will always remain in my heart, as it will in yours. There is something about the Grecian sun beating down on you as you sit on a Mediterranean black sand beach. It really is the best spot on earth to get married.

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