Getting Married in Long Island or Detroit? Lennon Photo is for you!


When Two is Better Then One

There is something about a photography duo that always get’s my attention. The way two people can come together and form a business and then work far apart as individuals has always impressed me. What is awesome about this system is how every once in awhile this tandem will get together and make some absolutely stunning images.

So what’s so special about these guys, anyways?

Head over to¬† and see for yourself! This brotherly duo will leave you speechless with their incredible style of wedding photography. It’s definitely worth your while to hire them if you are getting married in either of those cities, but I have a feeling they will do destinations if you ask them nicely!

Do all photographers have a ‘style’

I think so. I think as we all develop as photographers it’s only natural to develop a style. When I talk about style I mean the overall feeling of the image. Is the photographer focused mainly on the dramatic, emotionally charged theme that just oozes personality, or are they more concerned about getting those beautiful little candid shots that show the best of all of us when we aren’t even aware the camera is on us. Post processing has a tremendous impact on style as well. This is a bit more technical but go see the contrast between Fearless Photographers and Junebugs and you’ll see exactly what I mean. If you are looking for a watch, check out this list of affordable watches and you’ll find one for your shoot!


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