Getting married in Newport Beach, California? You’re going to need an amazing wedding photographer!


So you’re getting married in Newport Beach?

Great choice! It’s such an awesome spot to get married; I’ve seen some of the most inspirational wedding photography taken there. As a wedding photographer in Nova Scotia I don’t get down to California very often. When I do I make sure I check out Gilmore Studios for all the inspirational photos I can get my hands on. They recently published this absolutely gorgeous wedding at Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach.

Why capturing emotion is so important

Anyone can become a photographer these days – DSLR’s are available and there isn’t much regulation in the industry. It’s important that you find a wedding photographer who is experienced and is able to capture emotions – it’s the only way you can be sure you’ll get the photos you need. Gilmore Studios does an incredible job at capturing emotion. As a wedding photographer myself I can tell you exactly what this means:

These people love what they do!

It’s true. A great photographer will be able to put not only the bride and groom at ease; but also all of the guests. Making people feel comfortable is a big part of wedding photography. If you can’t make people feel comfortable they won’t be able to relax for the photos – there are going to be some awkward poses and weird smiles! This is the first thing I look for when I check out a wedding photographer, if they can make people smile they are doing it right!

The sunlight glows perfectly in the images

Check out the gallery of the wedding at Big Canyon Country Club – one of the first things I noticed is how the sunlight glows just perfectly in the outdoor portraits. It isn’t easy to make images this beautiful, it takes a lot of work not only executing the shot but again during the post processing. Golden hour portraits are my favourite thing to do and Gilmore Studios does it the way it’s meant to be!

Jessica & Donnie knew how to have a good time!

Seriously; these photos show just what an amazingly great couple they are. Look at all the fun they are having with their friends and family – they are going to be able to look back at these photos years from now and remember what an amazing day they had together. Capturing photos of the most important day of your life is a big deal. You should make sure you go with the pro’s and get the best – you deserve it!

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