Hair Accessories Can Make Your Wedding Shine

Hair accessories have long been in the brides wardrobe

For ever since people have been getting married, those same people have been trying to look their best on that day. As a wedding photographer I get to see a lot of different styles and approaches to wedding fashion. I’ve always felt the most beautiful weddings were when the bride had a consistent look among her wedding party.

From your bridesmaids to the flowergirl

If you approach your wedding day with a unified ‘look’ you are going to ensure a consistent look for your wedding photographs; you’ll of course look great as well. Consider a floral wreath or classic crown for yourself, and some simpler versions for your bridesmaids. Match it all up for your flowergirls (you could even get a really cute butterfly one too!) When everyone looks like they put a lot of thought into their outfits the result is stunning.

Flowergirl Hair Accessory

Consistency is key (story time!)

Go with a high quality product please – let me tell you about a time a bride made a BIG mistake and went with a low end floral crown: it fell apart on her during portraits! I will admit it did look nice however it just wasn’t meant to be word for a full wedding day. When you think about your wedding day you have to consider the length of time you are going to be wearing a particular item. In this case the floral crown made it only a few hours before it was awkwardly sagging on the brides head and then ending up sadly forgotten on the ground. Get a quality product and it will look beautiful all day.

Look your very best on your most important day

Hair accessories are a bride’s best friend. They are whimsical and magical and add just the right amount of beauty and class to your wedding day look. From a photographer’s point of view I love seeing them on a bride and her wedding party. I love variety in photos and it’s always nice to have some hair accessories to add another fashion element to the photos. When you are looking for a finishing touch then opt for a beautiful hair accessory!

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