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Don’t stuck with a lame wedding planner

I just met with a client who was telling me some horror stories about her wedding planner. Cancelling meetings, putting off her concerns, not answering calls or texts. Warning signs! Make sure you avoid these common pitfalls when booking a planner.

Refuses to address your concerns.

This is a classic move. You bring up a concern, no matter how big or how small, and your planner refuses to address it. She pushes it off, ignores it, pretends it doesn’t exist. She actually convinces you that it’s not a big deal. You leave the meeting asking yourself if you have just been manipulated. This is a red flag. Often planners work with vendors and sometimes can be paid a commission. If you don’t want to work with a specific decorator, or you want to avoid a videographer, you should never feel pressured into booking with one. Bottom line.

Difficult to communicate with!

This is a pet peeve of mine. It’s easy to spot too. Here’s a little secret: if someone is quick to respond to an intitial email they are likely going to respond throughout the business relationship. If you reach out to a planner and they don’t even get back to you forĀ days on end. It’s best you just moved along. There is nothing more stressful or annoying then trying to work with a planner who is impossible to get a hold of. You want someone who will be there for you when you need it most. A wedding planner is as much as a personal assistant as someone who helps you actually plan the wedding.

Do they keep their appointments?

Or are they a flake? This is hard to find out if you haven’t actually worked with them before. What I recomend is that you check their online reviews, also ask for some references. Dig deep, this is your money and emotional well being we are talking about here. Any good wedding planner (or business person, for that matter) will happily encourage you to speak with references. I know I will. I put so much time into making sure clients get the best experience possible, I want them to spread the word about how great it all was!destination photo by onebluefish.ca

Rest easy when you’ve found a good one.

You know you will be in great hands and that your wedding day is going to be a great one. Halifax, Nova Scotia is full of great wedding planners, and some bad ones. You need to make sure you find the best that you can so that your wedding is smooth sailing. I know I’d rather be sitting on the waterfront watching the Harbour Hopper drift by and think about going up Citadel Hill than stressing about my wedding planner being ineffective.


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