Honeymoon Spotlight: Patagonia

Don’t be afraid

To switch things up for your honeymoon. Some couples want more than┬áthe traditional resort style getaway. Although pina coladas served poolside while you soak up the Caribbean sun sounds wonderful (especially when you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the winter is about to settle in…) some couples are a bit more adventurous. These people often opt to leave the all inclusive resorts for their friends while they go hiking in the adirondacks, or, go to Patagonia for their honeymoon!

So where the heck is Patagonia, anyways?

It’s located at the southern tip of South America. Comprising a region that is located both in Argentina and Chile, it makes up a large area of grasslands, steppes, desert and the Andes. First discovered by European explorers int he 1600’s, it is notable for it’s remote location to the South of the globe.Interestingly, there are not a lot of online resources

Usually I find there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from quick google searches looking for something you want to learn about. Not so when it comes to Patagonia. For whatever reason – remoteness or otherwise – there isn’t a lot online. I was lucky enough to discover Patagonia Hoy!

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