How to make sure your bridesmaid’ dresses are the perfect match for your wedding day

Are your bridesmaid’ all on the same page?

Picking your colour scheme is usually a pretty tricky part of your wedding planning. Is it an early Spring wedding? Should you go with, or against colour in the Easter palette? Same goes with fall weddings; you always wanted burnt orange in your wedding scheme,

bride and groom in sunset
Croatian Sunset? Heck Yes!

but is that colour going to be too much for that time of year? Does your wedding party help in picking the colours or are they distant and uninterested? Have you expressed whether you will be buying them their dress or if they will be responsible for the purchase? Dirty little details, I know, but they can be made a whole lot cleaner!

Show your bridesmaid’ this little secret:

Don’t get stuck in the trap of purchasing your dresses at your local bridal shop. While they may be great in some aspects, I’ve rarely ever seen a boutique that actually specializes in bridesmaid’s. Often, they treat the bridesmaid’ and accessories as a second thought, which in turn leaves your bridesmaid’s feeling disorganized and left to their own choices. This rarely works well in any wedding, and while it is awesome to have friends with such unique tastes, what really matters is that they all are relatively the same in dress cut and colour. Send them over to this amazing bridesmaid’ dresses boutique , not only do they specialize in all things fashion and wedding related, they have an incredible selection and assortment of colours of so many different cuts of dresses. You want your bridesmaid’s to look amazing, you need to get them on the same page.


Who else is amazed at how easy that was?

I was working with a bride last year who was from Croatia. She wanted to get married in her home town but was a little concerned about where her friends and family from Canada could stay. She hadn’t been back home in years and wanted me to set something up that would have all those who were with her comfortable and at ease. I send her to this amazing little apartment rental site and worked her through the process of setting everyone up. It was super easy and along with the bridesmaid’ dresses she was so excited to get back home.


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