How to make your big day pop with luxury wedding stationery

As a wedding photographer I’ve taken part in my share of wedding days. I’ve seen some great ones, I’ve seen some not so great ones. I’ve been enraptured as I took photographs of a beautiful bride and groom on the dance floor, surrounded by scores of family and friends. I’ve walked through backyards that have been transformed into the most perfect wedding venue. I’ve learned that it isn’t the elegant venue or the expensive dinner that makes a wedding, it’s the people and the details.

The people and the details are what make a wedding

I’ve said this to so many brides and grooms planning a wedding. They ask for advice or where I think they should spend their money if they are on a budget. It’s simple to me, spend your money in the places where it’s going to make a big difference on your day. I love to suggest ordering luxury stationery. It’s such a wedding enhancer – and it keeps on giving!

Sending out elegant invitations

painting on card stock
Luxury invitations are handmade

As I spend my morning photographing the bride and her bridesmaids I always make sure to get a copy of all of the stationery that was purchased for the wedding. There is always a lull during the hair and makeup and it’s a great time for me to get creative with the wedding stationery. Consider your wedding photographs when you are making your stationery purchase; creative photos of your wedding decor is going to be what helps tell the story of your wedding through photographs.

I love gathering up some of the brides accessories and arranging them on a really beautiful backdrop. Sometimes it’s a highly polished silver tray, or it could be the texture of a velvet chair cushion. Once I find a suitable place to take photographs of your invitation and accessories I can get to work. I really get to take a close look at your wedding stationery and I can tell immediately if it’s high quality. When is is I breathe a sigh of relief – I can get an idea of how great the day is going to go. Anyone who puts that much time and effort into luxury stationery is going to put together an amazing wedding! (I personally love using Frese – one of the best global wedding stationery companies. They are based out of Germany but offer amazing shipping options, they might as well be next door!)

Wow your guests with custom invitations

Luxury wedding stationery is full of beautiful surprises. A luxury print shop can offer embossing and thermographic printing, laser cutting as well as a great selection of textured cardstock and a multitude of high end inks to choose from. You can literally feel the difference in your hand from a high quality invitation to one you might purchase for a lower price. When you send out a luxury wedding invitation you are setting the tone to your guests for what kind of wedding they can expect. You make a wonderful impression and offer a keepsake as well. I’ve never thrown away a custom wedding invitation.

Create the wedding of your dreams

Your wedding stationery is one of the first things you are going to be dealing with in your wedding planning. Typically a couple will pick their date, then choose their venue, then design invitations. It’s such an early part of the planning process it’s a great idea to set the tone and do it right. Remember: You aren’t just getting married you are creating memories that are going to last a lifetime.

A great wedding has lots of takeaways

I’ve seen some really great gift ideas for wedding guests. A small token of appreciation really can go a long way. My favourite trend has been home made jams and jellies. As a wedding photographer I personally love this – I end up with a huge supply of strawberry and raspberry jam all summer long. That’s a takeaway. You can always incorporate wedding stationery throughout your wedding – it shouldn’t be limited to invitations and programs. Make your wedding guests smile when you include a beautiful poem on an elegant piece of cardstock with the gift. Stationery always lets you take your wedding to the next level.

Make it the best wedding it can be

Do it your way, isn’t it why you chose to throw the biggest party of your life for all of your friends and family? Spare no expense when it comes to designing and ordering your luxury wedding stationery. It’s going to be worth it when you receive them in the post and feel them in your hands. Wedding planning is a journey in itself and you want to make it fun and exciting. Stuffing invitations into envelopes might not sound like someones afternoon of fun though if the invitations are more like individual artworks it would make this stage of your journey so much more fun. And isn’t this exactly what wedding planning is supposed to be? A time to think about all of the fun and magic you are going to share with your friends and family?

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